The Kid Ranch Christian Preschool

We are an early learning center for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old (Pre-K) in San Marcos, TX.

Our Founder & Principles

The Kid Ranch Christian Preschool was founded in 1997 by Destini Doherty-Evans. The San Marcos Location has been operating under Destini for over 20 years but was previously named Lil’ PeeWee’s. We are located on Hunter Rd an equal distance between McCarty lane and Wonderworld Dr.

Our guiding principles help us lead a loving and safe school. The first principal is our faith. We are a Christian learning center. We introduce your child to Christ and Christian teachings at the level that they can comprehend. Our values support our activities, but we are a learning center first and foremost. Our faith supports our education, but your children receive an excellent general education that will place them at the head of their class. While in our care, your child will learn all the building blocks necessary to become successful kids.

Other things to know about the owner

Destini Doherty-Evans

I was born and raised in San Marcos where I graduated highschool and went on to get my BS degree in Family and Child Development at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) I’ve been with my best friend and Husband for over 30 years and married over 25.  Justin and I were blessed with 2 boys, Bo and Ty.  I’ve always loved children and thank God each day for the opportunity to watch children learn and grow every single day.  I’m always one to help out any child that needs help even if it means moving them in.  My youngest son jokes and says that the things that I collect are “Kids.”

My passion is Children and Jesus. If I can be that person to help plant that seed in even the small children then I feel I’m doing what God has called me to do.

I don’t believe that it’s my job to teach children any kind of denominational teachings. I feel it’s my job to teach them kindness and about God’s love through bible stories or song. It’s important to me that Children learn the basic principles of Godly character such as loving one another, sharing, kindness etc. It’s important to me that the children learn to be good examples of Christ through their behavior.

Some Christian organizations that I am or have been very involved in the past years is The walk to Emmaus; This is a program built to built leaders in our churches , Cairos which is a ministry that goes into the prison systems and teachers inmates about God’s love for them as we as teaching bible studies.

My Church home is currently North Shore UMC. I have recently felt a call from God to reach out to people that are “unchurched.” By this, I mean people that are turned away from the Christian faith due to the way churches or individuals represent God. I do this by trying to meet other’s exactly where they are at. Literally.  It may be a group of college kids that I meet with and share with them about God’s love at their favorite weekly hand out, or a single moms group or maybe even a family that just doesn’t make God a priority due to being turned away from God in earlier years.  I’m currently answering the call to study and hopefully become a local Pastor. With this I can not only use the added knowledge and training to teach our children but to also reach others where ever they may be.  This will give people that don’t like the “church” or “religion” settings a chance to learn about God’s word in a place that is laid back and not so “churchy.”  A place that is comfortable for them.

Other things I currently have my hand is Women at the Table.  This is a women’s ministry a group of ladies as well as myself started so that we could reach out to women that feel lost or don’t know God’s love but would love to learn about him. You can find out more about this ministry at

I’ve always prayed daily for each and every child and family in my center. Even before we became a Christian based center each morning I surrounded the center with prayer before we started our day.

Gwen Garcia – Director

Gwen has been working for Destini for over 5 years and has currently been The Director of this Center since January 2019.   Gwen started out as a 2 year old lead teacher and quickly worked her way up. Gwens favorite place to be is in the classrooms interacting with the children.  Her dedication to the children and the center is truly her priority.  She is a true blessing for Destini, the staff and the children.  Gwen is married and has 6 children.  Her husband has a catering business as well as another full time job so they keep themselves really busy between work and home.

What Parents Are Saying About The Kid Ranch

Our family is blessed that our daughter is attending The Kid Ranch. She has made many friends and is getting ready for big girl school. Even when life is moving fast she now reminds us to stop and take the time to say grace for dinner.

A. Covington

Don’t you know children are God’s most precious gift?   –  Psalms 127:3